in March 2012, DRP continued to mobilize resources as well as way forward to execute next projects around the bridge.

The next DRP project is an “awareness and cleaning” campaign.

Jean-Marc Falconnet and Sia Kessi, founders as well as key fund raiser for DRP project visited DRP sites in the end of February 2012.  It was discussed that the cleaning campaign should be conducted hand-in-hand with the cleaning of Ng’ombe river from its upper course. Efforts have been made to implement cleaning facilities in the locality in which DRP is focused, but these have been quite slow and face several challenges.  For instance, a lot of the garbage is generated from well to do neighborhoods, or industry. In order to be realistic, DRP believes that involving/mobilizing all the localities through which river Ng’ombe passes, is key to success. This will help to clean the river all the way to its delta which empties itself into the Indian ocean under Salender Bridge, near downtown Dar es Salaam.

Some individuals establish creative ways of encouraging the use of recycled materials like the old man below who just opened a plastic bottle buying centre, next to the Tandale bridge. As a result, this will help the community to understand the importance of recycling, the value of plastic and hence minimize littering around Tandale and the city in general.