Dar Reality Projects is pleased to have been part of an great initiative to raise funds for the Global Giving project “Help a Tanzania Orphan Complete Primary School” link. The project is run by the GLK Student Fund which has been helping orphans in Bukoba, Tanzania for several years (www.glkstudentfund.com).

All credit goes to the two primary school girls who initiated the fundraising, with the precious help of their mothers and teacher. Well done !!! And of course, last but not least, a big thank you to the kids that they managed to motivate to read for a good cause, all the way from Geneva, Switzerland, as listed below.

École des Crêts-de-Champel – initiators: Vera et Livia.
Participants: Liad, Doriann, Pierre-Yves, Hannah, Maia, Olivia, Audrey, Dafina, Dylan, Dany, Louis, Simon, Augusto, Sarah, Merion, Maika, Renate, Anna, Alexandra, Elisa, Nouria, Yesugen. Nicolas (Teacher)

Éxternats des Glacis
Margaux, Romain, Jean, Louis.

École Moser

Collège de la Florence
Léo, Sasha