The Tandale Daraja (bridge construction) and Usafi (cleaning) projects in Dar es Salaam finally commenced August 20th, 2010 with the clean up of the perimeter of the construction area.   About twenty local workers were hired by our association to excavate hundreds of square metres of mud and waste.

The working conditions were particularly difficult and we needed a lot of patience before being able to lay the foundations that would support the bridge. Some unforeseen issues were encountered such as the arrival of early rains, the period of Ramadan, and the need to have security on site 24/7 in order avoid accidents and to stop materials disappearing at night, to mention a few.

During September, the teams had to take turns to manually evacuate hundreds of litres of water to and allow the construction of the pillars that support the structure. In October, we were able to lay the central part of the bridge (photo – see our Portfolio section for more photos).

The final step is to complete the ramps leading up to either side of bridge and affix the security railings.  We hope to finish the project by end October 2010.